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Tango Alegría

Argentine tango

argentine tango in

eastern Finland 

 The Tango Alegría association was founded in 2005. It’s purpose is to improve argentine tango dancing skills and to develop and maintain argentine tango culture in eastern Finland. We organize weekly lessons in Kuopio, milongas, tango courses and camps.

Alegría is Spanish and means ‘joy’. Our aim is that practising tango would bring happiness and memorable moments to all. Above you can find contact information of Tango Alegría. Feel free to contact us to get more info.

You can become a member of Tango Alegría by paying the annual membership fee to the Tango Alegría account FI38 5482 5420 0118 48 or you can also use a MobilePay code 39967. The fee is 10 euros for students; others 20 euros.